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How did we come about?

People want data now, we wear smart bands to tell us how far we walk, how much we sleep, how many calories we burn. Our houses have automated systems to control our lights, temperature and home security and all this data is at our fingertips, real time.
We saw a real void in the market place of a shower product that can help users change their behavior and water usage. We worked to create a shower head that is efficient and has a LED display that shows real time gallon usage. The initial response has been incredible.

Conserving water is here to stay

Water conservation has been prevalent in our minds, news headlines and public policy for many years but especially throughout the last 4 years during the drought in California and Florida. The shower is the number two water user in the household behind watering the lawn, yet there has not been a way to intelligently know how much water is used while showering, until now.

Local governments are imposing new restrictions and fines on those that do not comply with new water rules in many areas. Therefore, we believe that new technologies to help reduce water use is only going to increase and we look forward to being part of the solution.

So keep checking in on us to see what our next product will be……..


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